Hello guys!

I have started to work on inventory and storage, after that i need to get some stations up so i can do some basic stores for the npc’s to start trading.

So i have been working on this shader so i can use normal maps on the planets to begin with, so now they will lit up by the sun! I will add all the space objects in due time.

This is good, becous now i can add light effects to the weapons and other things! But that is not priority 🙂


I have also worked on a window system!



Here is another example of normal maps in gamemaker

The new project called Spaceborn

So this time around im making a space game as my third project.

I will quote the core mechanics and gameflow from the GDC.

Core Features

  • 2d top down hardcore space ”rpg survival” game.
  • Huge Universe (Procedual Generated).
  • Fighting, Manufacturing, Mining, Trading, Pirateing.
  • Smart NPC Slaves.
  • Exploration.
  • Wounders.
  • Multiplayer Online Game.
  • Procedual Generated Story Missions.
  • Set up trade routes and lets your npc slaves trade for you.
  • Base building in space and on planets.
  • Planetary Landing.
  • Resistances to weapon types.
  • Player driven economy

Game flow

“The game will have a procedual generated universe. Where the player can choose different path to glory and fame. The game will reward players who explore ancient civilizations and mysteries. You can travel to a distant star and trade with the inhabitants and when you are on your way back you are getting attacked by another player who choose the way of the pirate and they shoot you down destroying your ship and taking all your loot. And you are left with starting over from the beginning if you did not have insurance on your ship. There will be different regions controlled by factions who will protect you against piracy but there reach only go so far, the universe is huge.” 


EcoLaser Game Help / Information

You control the laser beam with mirrors, you need to get the laser beam to destroy the waste barrel.

Diffrent barrels need to be destroyed by it respective laser color.

You use the prism to combine two colors to another color just like the picture below.

If the colors are yellow, mangenta or cyan you only need one laser beam to split it up in to two other colors.

You place mirrors and prism with left click and rotate them by scrolling, you switch between mirror and prism by pressing right click.

You left click the red fire button to turn on the lasers!

All the barrels on a level need to be hit with a laser simultaneously to destroy them.

If you hit a tree with a laser you lose.

The faster you complete the level the higher your score will be.

If you place the mirrors or prism in the wrong place you need to restart the level.

You can restart your current level by pressing “R” or the Blue button.

Attention!: you need a mouse to play!



Redid the code :S

So after alot of tinkering in the old code i decided to scrap it and redo everything, i tend to over complicate things so this time around i got the game to work as i liked with ALOT less code, now the mirrors and prisms work as intended. ( almost 😉 )

Screenshots and a small clip will be upp later.