The new project called Spaceborn

So this time around im making a space game as my third project.

I will quote the core mechanics and gameflow from the GDC.

Core Features

  • 2d top down hardcore space ”rpg survival” game.
  • Huge Universe (Procedual Generated).
  • Fighting, Manufacturing, Mining, Trading, Pirateing.
  • Smart NPC Slaves.
  • Exploration.
  • Wounders.
  • Multiplayer Online Game.
  • Procedual Generated Story Missions.
  • Set up trade routes and lets your npc slaves trade for you.
  • Base building in space and on planets.
  • Planetary Landing.
  • Resistances to weapon types.
  • Player driven economy

Game flow

“The game will have a procedual generated universe. Where the player can choose different path to glory and fame. The game will reward players who explore ancient civilizations and mysteries. You can travel to a distant star and trade with the inhabitants and when you are on your way back you are getting attacked by another player who choose the way of the pirate and they shoot you down destroying your ship and taking all your loot. And you are left with starting over from the beginning if you did not have insurance on your ship. There will be different regions controlled by factions who will protect you against piracy but there reach only go so far, the universe is huge.”