Length and direction

Im working on getting the laser to work and bouncing on the mirrors, it’s harder than i thought and thats probably becouse im overthinking it as usual 🙂

It almost work as i want now, but only almost.. in the end i might scrap all the code and do it from scratch, who knows!

Eco Laser

Eco Laser will be the new title for my second game, and this will be a puzzle game.

You must control mirrors and prism to guide the laser to diffrent barrels of toxic waste.

You have to avoid trees or else you will loose score!

The final game ready for turn in!

Since the deadline are tomorrow, i feel that i’m ready to say that this game is finished.

Since i’ve only been able to work on this game for a limited time i had to be able to stop myself for adding

more and more features. it as been a good learning experience and fun to actually have a real deadline.

You can download and try the game here:


The purpose of the game is to collect as much ores as possible before the time runs out.

you have to dig out the ground and add ladders to build your underground mine shafts.